LUM Client Becomes US Citizen

Congratulations, Kyaw Maung – New US Citizen & LUM Client

Kyaw Maung & Christian Gallo, LUM Immigration Clinic director

Recently, a LUM Immigration Clinic beneficiary, Kyaw Maung, achieved US citizenship. Having relocated to Indiana from Myanmar in 2014 with her family, Kyaw, following consultations with the LUM Immigration Clinic, opted to pursue US citizenship.

After an arduous process lasting more than eight months, LUM is delighted to announce that Kyaw, alongside her family, was officially sworn in as a US citizen during a ceremony held in West Lafayette, IN. The culmination of her diligence and the support provided by LUM led to the successful completion of her pathway to citizenship. Kyaw, pictured above with Christian Gallo, the Director of the LUM Immigration Clinic, expresses her gratitude towards LUM.

Presently, the dedicated staff and volunteers at the LUM Immigration Clinic are actively assisting more individuals aspiring to attain US citizenship. To commemorate Kyaw’s achievement and acknowledge the commendable efforts of the LUM Immigration Clinic, we invite you to invest by making a donation. {Please be aware that while this account is based on a true story, the individual’s name has been altered out of respect for the entire family.}

Located in the LUM Office, the LUM Immigration Clinic helps individuals from other countries, who are legally in the US, to navigate the often difficult and confusing Immigration and Naturalization Service bureaucracy. So far this year, the LUM Immigration Clinic has assisted more than 392 individuals.

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