LUM After School Program Is Ready

Teachers & Bus Drivers Prepared for Another Year

Local schools are back in session this week, which means the LUM After School Program has started as well. The LUM teachers and bus drivers have been preparing for their return and are ready!

LUM After School Program  provides safe, fun and enriching childcare for children in Kindergarten to 8th grade. The program engages students for three hours each school-day afternoon, enabling their parents to finish their workday. The children are transported from their schools to the LUM After School Program  at the LUM Ray Ewry Youth Center — where they work on homework, have a nutritious snack, and participate in crafts, music, and other fun recreational and educational activities.

The program is staffed by a professionally trained educator, teacher’s aides, interns and volunteers, including bus drivers. If you are interested in VOLUNTEERING or need more information, click HERE — or call or email Kristi Hogue (765.423.2691 | khogue@LUMserve.org).

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After School Program

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