Campaign for Hoosier Families — Legislative Update

Campaign for Hoosier FamiliesA strong, public voice for Hoosier families and children in need

Legislative Update & Action Items

Now that the 2021 Indiana Legislative session has ended, the Campaign for Hoosier Families offers this summary.

  • Budget – Food Banks line item was increased from $300,000 to $1 million per year; and the CHOICE appropriation (funds supporting elderly & individuals with disabilities to stay in their homes) was restored to its current level (no reduction).
  • Evictions – Protecting renters from eviction and negative legislation. A bill that fixed some issues in last year’s legislation gutting many tenant protections did pass, and our legislative delegation voted against the negative bills.
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families came close to being expanded, but the House Ways and Means Committee amended the TANF legislation to delete the language updating TANF eligibility and benefits, and instead inserted an increase in the state Earned Income Tax Credit. This could result in $10.5 to $12 million more in tax credits for Hoosier families. TANF expansion still needs to be a priority.
  • Minimum Wage – Bills were introduced but not passed. Increasing minimum wage still needs to be a priority.
  • Child & Dependent Care State Tax Credit – Bills were introduced but not passed. This also still needs to be a priority.
  • Redistricting – The session is technically still ongoing, and the legislature will reconvene to consider redistricting when the census data is finally available.

Please contact your state legislators to let them know that you support expansion of TANF, $15 minimum wage, Child & Dependent Care State Tax Credit, not taxing unemployment compensation, and redistricting. Please join us in thanking Kathy Williams, LUM legislative advocate, and Patti O’Callaghan, LUM volunteer lobbyist, for working so hard on behalf of Hoosier Families.

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FIND YOUR Your State Legislators

Follow this link to find out: http://iga.in.gov/legislative/find-legislators/. Every phone call and email makes a difference as we work to protect the interests of Hoosier Families!

To find out more information about bills that are being watched by the Campaign for Hoosier Families go to www.lumserve.org/bill-watch-list/.

Campaign for Hoosier Families is an alliance of faith-based organizations that engages local, state and federal officials on behalf of low-income Hoosier families and children. To find out more information about bills that are being watched by the Campaign for Hoosier Families, please click HERE.

Thank you for helping to support Hoosier Families!

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