Meet Shirley – Superstar LUM Volunteer

Shirley Robertson – LUM Good Samaritan Program Volunteer

Shirley Robertson grew up on a farm in Kentland, Indiana. Growing up in Newton County along the creek, her life was her family and their cattle, sheep & chickens. Her family instilled in her this motto: “Save, Give & Spend.” And this is how she aspires to live even today.

After earning a bachelor’s in Music Education from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale and a Master’s in Music from Butler University, Shirley became the music teacher and marching band director for the Benton Central School Corporation and stayed for more than 19 years. Just as she was thinking about a change, a position opened up at Sunnyside Elementary School and Shirley became their music educator for the final 12 years of her career.

Being true to her family’s motto, Shirley “gives” to her community. At LUM, she has been a volunteer in the Good Samaritan Program since 2009, when she was recruited by then director, Mary Anderson. She stated that,

“What I enjoy about LUM is that we ask, ‘What can we do TODAY to help this individual or family?’ LUM is caring, action oriented, positive, uplifting and nonjudgmental.”

Shirley identifies with the Servant Leader model and shared that,

“My day is so much better when I help someone else, especially my neighbors in need.”

This is evident in the story below about a recent time she assisted a client at LUM.

Shirley is one of our favorite volunteers for the joy she brings to LUM each morning she volunteers. At LUM, Shirley is also involved with the LUM Jubilee Christmas program through her church, Elston Presbyterian Church, and with Hunger Hike. In her free time, Shirley still enjoys playing the piano, walking and playing golf. She lives with her cat, Noodle (named for the golf ball brand), in east Lafayette.

LUM appreciates Shirley for allowing us to tell her story — which was not easy. Shirley avoids the limelight because she is serving in honor of her family’s motto. She agreed because she also hopes that sharing her experiences will encourage others to invest in Lafayette Urban Ministry and/or commit to getting engaged as a volunteer. LUM is truly blessed to have Shirley as a part of our team.

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