LUM Client Becomes US Citizen

Maria is a Citizen!

by Cameron Brooks

Maria Gonzalez is a client at the LUM Immigration Clinic who has benefited from the services provided by our team. Originally from Mexico, Maria greatly appreciates what the Clinic has done for her. She has lived in the United States since she was 9 years old. Her mom supported her throughout the process, telling her “Maria, please become a U.S. Citizen.” Her mom also encouraged her to “pray and ask God to show you that he is there with you and that you can do it.” 

Maria’s children have been another important motivator to become a citizen. Obtaining U.S. citizenship was something she wanted to do for herself and her kids, as she wants them to safely grow up in the United States. 

Maria found the citizenship classes incredibly useful, even though she was very nervous and apprehensive at the start. Every time she had a question, help was always there. The class and the people she met helped her believe that it was possible to become a citizen.

Ms. Gonzalez would like to thank her family, Rev. Susan Brouillette, and especially God for helping her through the citizenship process. 

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