$29,500 Gift from the McAllister Foundation

Support for the LUM Emergency Fund & Solar Energy

The McAllister Foundation recently awarded LUM $29,500. Five thousand dollars is for the LUM Good Samaritan Fund; and $22,500 is for the LUM Solar Energy Project.

A new steel roof was installed on the LUM Office building, completing the first phase of the LUM Solar Energy Project. With the McAllister Foundation money a solar energy system (35.710 kW) will be installed next week. In addition to the environmental benefits of going solar, the saving will potentially be $6,618 per year. This total includes the savings from the reduction in energy needed as well as revenue from trading Solar Renewable Energy Credits. This money will be re-invested in LUM programs & services in support of local families.

The project will be completed in January. If you would be interested in making a capital gift to the LUM Solar Energy Project, please email Joe Micon. If you wish to donate to the Good Samaritan Fund, click below.

Thank you to the McAllister Foundation and the McAllister family for their continued support Lafayette Urban Ministry.

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