WL Student Gives Advocacy a New Tagline

Aidan Britton is a 13 year-old social advocate who has given Campaign for Hoosier Families a new tagline. Aidan, a West Lafayette Jr. High School student, submitted a questionnaire in preparation for his visit with Indiana State Representative Sheila Klinker. He stated that young people should “stand up, speak out, and inform” others to create change in our community.

Aidan encourages those who would be afraid to stand up for victims of bullying and oppression to

“think about how these individuals feel” and “get involved and have not just one person stand up, but have, like, five standing up.”

When Aidan isn’t swimming or playing in his school’s marching band, he enjoys learning about current events and history. Only a few years ago, he moved to West Lafayette from Dublin, Ireland, where he attended a speech by President Barack Obama. Aidan has continued to stay active in local social movements, having attended the 2017 Women’s March. He is passionate about education and providing more programs like after-school care for families in impoverished areas.

After graduation, Aidan would like to get his law degree from Indiana University and run for U.S. Senate. In the meantime, he plans to continue his advocacy and political involvement by joining his school’s debate team and running for student council.

Thanks again to Aidan Britton for the Campaign for Hoosier Families’ new tagline —


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