LUM Building Surrounded by Construction

Both the LUM Office building and the LUM Ray Ewry Youth Center and LUM Emergency Shelter (N 4th Street, Lafayette) are currently surrounded by street construction. Thomas Currie, project manager from Bowen Construction, explained that the work being done will be great for our community. They are laying a 72” pipe that will separate rain/run off water from sewage. The sewage will be diverted to a storage tank on Canal Street which will be treated before released.

If you are planning to visit LUM at either building, here is what you need to know:

  • N 4th Street will be closed until July 1—sidewalk to sidewalk from past the LUM Office building entrance to after Brown Street
  • N 4th Street between Cincinnati and North Streets will be two-way traffic for “local business access”—that’s us
  • The ramp to 3rd Street from West Lafayette will be closed until June 1
  • The back alley from LUM to Brown Street will be closed until July 1
  • The back alley from LUM to North Street will remain open
  • LUM Office: vehicles cars may access the LUM Office building (420 N 4th Street) because traffic will be two-way to/from North Street
  • LUM Youth Center/Emergency Shelter (525 N 4th Street, Lafayette)—vehicles may travel two-ways from Cincinnati Street to get to the businesses between Cincinnati and Brown Streets—again, that’s us
  • Bowen has posted direction/detour signs (see photo above) with “Lafayette Urban Ministry” directing people to LUM and the other businesses affected


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