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LUM Campaign for Hoosier Families

The LUM Campaign for Hoosier Families (C4HF) is an alliance of faith-based organizations that engages local, state, and Federal officials on behalf of low income families and children.

Since it was founded in 1975, LUM has not only provided direct services to low income families and children but has dedicated part of its resources to ensuring that the working poor and marginalized are treated justly and that the public assistance programs lead to real economic stability.

The members at the LUM Campaign for Hoosier Families are also on journey to achieve justice for the poor and want to partner with you. You’re invited to join the Campaign for Hoosier Families by taking up your pens and firing up your keyboards.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about C4HF, please email or call Susan Brouillette (sbrouillette@lumserve.org | 765.423.2691)

Are You Ready?

  • Do you feel a tug on your heart to do more to help low income children & families, and sense that you are being called to remove barriers that keep people from realizing their full potential?
  • Do you believe we share a collective responsibility to lift people out of poverty and to give them the tools to live more satisfying and productive lives?
  • Do you get offended when those who have the least are used as scapegoats for government reforms and budget cuts?
  • Are you prepared to “do justice” and to “be mercy,” but don’t know how to get started?
  • Are you currently part of an advocacy network and wishing to build alliances?

In order to leverage additional resources and clout, C4HF partners with other organizations including: the Indiana Coalition for Human Services, the Indiana Catholic Conference, the Homelessness Prevention Network, Vision 2020, Tippecanoe Child Abuse Prevention Council, Heartford House, and CASA for Kids Fund. Some of the Bills we follow relate to Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credit, Temporary Aid for Needy Families, Food and Nutrition Programs, Housing Assistance, and Immigration Reform.

While advocacy takes many forms, with the C4HF it primarily involves calling or writing legislators to express support or opposition for particular Bill or policy. In addition to Bill tracking, the Campaign for Hoosier Families website lists contact information for legislators, provides summaries and background information for Bills that we are tracking, and offers helpful hints regarding effective communication and coalition building strategies, notes changes in the status of Bills, and sends out alerts when grassroots participation is needed If you are interested in helping low income families and children, we invite you to amplify your voice by joining ours in the Campaign for Hoosier Families. Once we have your contact information, we will email issue briefs, Bill tracking information, legislative alerts and suggested language for communicating with lawmakers.

Be a partner in the Campaign for Hoosier Families—Be a voice for children and families in poverty—Stand up with C4HF for those in need-Connect with C4HF—Take the First Step

Work with other concerned citizens on issues that are critical to the health and well-being of Hoosier families, issues such as—

  • Energy assistance
  • State funding for emergency shelters
  • Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC)
  • Predatory lending
  • Funding for food and nutrition programs
  • Health care

Three ways to connect to the LUM Campaign for Hoosier Families (C4HF):

  • View the C4HF brochure, which includes a membership form for you, click HERE
  • Sign up for C4HF Legislative Alerts, click HERE
  • Send an E-mail to C4HF, click HERE

Indiana Statehouse photo: taken by Jim Nix & used with permission by Nomadic Pursuits. “Like” on Facebook.

immigrant welcome center

LUM C4HF — Invited to Join the Immigrant Welcome Center Advisory Board 

— Learn more, click HERE.

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LUM C4HF Joins IPATH Task Force (Indiana Protection for Abused and Trafficked Humans)

— Learn more, click HERE.

Join LUM online and help us serve children and families even better.



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