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Purdue’s Sigma Chi — Painting Project

Now that the weather is getting better, the men of Sigma Chi Fraternity (Purdue) are back to work at LUM. Their latest project is to paint the porch at the LUM Ray Ewry Youth Center, Lafayette.

Pictured here is Joe Corcoran who is sanding and preparing the railings for a fresh coat paint.

Thanks, Sigma Chi.


Youth Groups — Service Day at LUM


Last Thursday, the Heartland Community Church Youth Group (FYSH) and Battle Ground United Methodist Church Youth Group (Larger than Life) assisted in cleaning the LUM emergency shelter and office building as well as gardening and outdoor chores. One group worked with the 5th Quarter students to harvest their garden—and all of the fresh produce was donated to the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry. To view more PHOTOs, click HERE.

This was part of their 4th annual Mission Lafayette service week, where a group of middle and high school students work together to serve the local community. Their goal is to give these young adults an opportunity to grow their faith through service work in their home town.

LUM is very thankful for the help from these two hard-working youth groups. LUM relies on groups like these to get most of our outside work done.

If your group is interested in helping out with yard-work or mowing the lawns, please email or call us (lum@lumserve.org | 765-423-2691).

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Check out the video of their week of service in Lafayette. LUM appears around 4:56.

LUM Clean Up Day—Service from Sigma Chi

2015-04-12 SigmaChi - Clean up 001 (640x477)

Recently members of the Delta Delta Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity at Purdue, spent a weekend day doing some spring cleaning on the grounds of the LUM buildings on 4th Street in Lafayette.

{Pictured here (L to R) are Sigma Chi members Matt Rittman, Dexter Odle & Hernan Martinez.}

Thanks, Sigma Chi.