Bulk Mail Volunteer

Approximately once or twice a month a group of friendly and dedicated volunteers come together to prepare LUM’s bulk mailings. These mailings include the LUM newsletter, as well as solicitations and other mailings. The task usually involves applying labels, inserting return envelopes, and sometimes sealing envelopes and applying stamps. The job gets done while engaging in friendly conversation and friendship-making. If you would like to be a Bulk Mailer, we will add you to the call list, and then we will call you when a mailing has been scheduled. You may then commit to helping out for a morning or afternoon, or not, depending upon your schedule.

Additional Information

Volunteer Job Title:Bulk Mailers
Days/Hours:One or two times per month
Job Description:Help prepare solicitation letters and LUM SEED newsletter for bulk2010-12-31 LUM 038 (2) mailing. Requires labeling, stuffing inserts, sealing and stamping
Special Requirements:Must be able to follow instructions; must have transportation to LUM Office; must be willing to meet new people and have fun!
Contact:Terri Anderson, Office Manager (tanderson@lumserve.org | 765.423.2691)

To be added to the call list, email or call Terri Anderson, Office Manager (tanderson@lumserve.org | 765.423.2691). You may also sign up online HERE or fill out the form below.