The Story of Doris Miner Hanstra

Doris Miner Hanstra’s Vision for LUM in 1962

In the Celebration of the Women of LUM, Doris Miner Hanstra (1910-2003) must be at the top of the list. Her husband, the Rev. Peter Hanstra became the pastor of Hope Chapel Presbyterian Church in 1957. Doris noticed immediately that there was a need to support the families and children in their new church neighborhood on the southside of downtown Lafayette. She took the lead, recruited church members and launched several after school and evening youth programs. These programs were successful, had a positive impact, and grew quickly, drawing the attention of Purdue University.

Partnering with a student from Purdue, Doris started the Neighborhood Development Project in 1962, enhancing each youth program and adding a summer camp. She accomplished all of this while supporting her husband as pastor, playing organ at services, and raising her son & four daughters, one of whom was adopted. What started with a few small acts of kindness developed into a vision for supporting children and building stronger families in Lafayette. Doris created a movement that led to the formation of the NDP advisory board in 1966 and the incorporation of Lafayette Urban Ministry in 1972.

Stay tuned for the more about Doris, one of the most influential Women of LUM. A more detailed Story of Doris Miner Hanstra will be published in the April edition of the LUM Seed Newsletter.