Jubilee Christmas – Host-Site Survey

Thank you for completing the Jubilee Christmas Church Survey. Jubilee Christmas will be on Saturday, December 9. The need for Christmas assistance will be great this year — so, LUM is hoping to recruit new host sites and increase the numbers at existing site, if possible. As always, the safety of our staff, volunteers, and parents is a top priority. That is why this survey is important to help us begin planning. If you are familiar with Jubilee Christmas, stroll down to the survey. If not review the basic Jubilee Christmas information as follows:

  • Host Site – A church or organization that provides the facility to host parents on Jubilee Christmas Day (Saturday, December 9). Host sites coordinate all aspects of their event including obtaining all of the items that JC Offers Families (see below), recruiting and training volunteers, offering hospitality, being the liaison to the church/organization, preparing & managing the facility, and reading, understanding and ensuring compliance with the guidelines established by LUM.
  • Partner – A church or organization that partners with a Host Site. Partners negotiate with the Host to the extent of their involvement but it typically includes supporting an additional number of families at the Host Site.
  • Curb-Side – Parent will be invited to your parking lot at a specific time (an appointment). A Host Site volunteer will greet the parent at their car, check in the parent and deliver their items directly to their car. There will be minimal contact with the parent and the parent will remain in their car.
  • Walk-Through – Parent will be invited to your parking lot at a specific time (an appointment). Host site volunteer will call the parent when it is time for him/her to enter the facility. The parent will check-in, walk through the facility picking up their items. Host site volunteers will help the parent load their car. There will be very little contact with the parent.
  • JC Offers Families:
    • ALL HOST SITES — three toys & stocking stuffers for each child (12 and younger); a $30 gift card for each teenager (13 – 18 years old); and $30-40 food card for each family, $10 protein/meat gift card, gift wrap & tape, batteries (if needed)
    • MOST HOST SITES — a plate of homemade Christmas cookies for each family, a book for each child & teen, clothes for each child, stuffed animal for each child, blanket/quilt for family, winter hat & gloves for each child (encouraged and based upon the Host’s ability to provide these items)
    • SOME HOST SITES — winter coat for each child, a large item for each family (bike, play kitchen, outdoor games, sports equipment), diapers for infants, household items and/or food items for each family, a board game for each family, blanket/quilt for each family member (based upon the Host’s ability to provide these items)