Become a Host Site – Jubilee Christmas

Dear Friend of LUM:

Planning for Jubilee Christmas has begun – and we hope that your Church or group will consider participating this year! Jubilee Christmas (Saturday, December 14, 2019) relies on the commitment from local churches to make it a success.

We would encourage you to get involved as a “host site,” which increasing the number of local children and families served by Jubilee Christmas this year. The goal of Jubilee Christmas is to make the parents the hero. If you decide to become a host site, your volunteers would work with parents/guardians assigned to your site to “shop” for their children. They will select toys, clothes, sports equipment, games, etc. for each child; and wrap these gifts at your host site. Each family will also receive a ham and home-baked Christmas cookies to make their family celebration even more special. As a “host site” you would be responsible for providing the following:

  • New gifts – Toys, clothes, games, books, crafts, sports equipment, bicycles and more.
  • Payment for one Ham for each family (approximately $10 each)
  • Food cards – Family of up to five – $35 per family; Families of six or more – $45
  • Gift cards for teenagers – $30 per child

The estimated overall cost for serving as a host site is approximately $70-100 per family plus any supplies or “special” gifts you choose to have available. LUM coordinates the following:

  • Invite, register and assign families to each site
  • Purchasing the Hams – one per family
  • Purchasing Food Cards
  • Toy Drop Off – Extra toys, clothes, blankets, etc. – typically one more gift for each child assigned to your host site

You may also become a “partner” with another church that agrees to be the host site. As a partner, you would provide as much as you are able in toys, funds, and volunteers. It is typically an equal partnership (50/50) but you may also negotiate other terms with your host site. Another option is to sign up volunteers from your church to assist at Jubilee Christmas, parts 2 & 3.

If you decide to get involved in Jubilee Christmas this year, the process is as follows:

  • First Step – review the Host Covenant and submit it online at lumserve.org/jubilee-christmas-covenant
  • Second Step – find a volunteer Jubilee Christmas Coordinator(s) and share this information with her/him

Jubilee Christmas is a tremendously rewarding experience – but it is also a lot of hard work. By the end of the Jubilee Christmas Day, we will have hosted close to 800 local families, and more than 1,800 local children will have a happy Christmas morning. I would welcome a meeting to assist your coordinator in developing a plan and timeline for a success event at your church. The other Jubilee Christmas coordinator and I would support you throughout the planning. It is a Blessing to be a part of Jubilee Christmas, and LUM would be thrilled if you could make it a part of your church’s Christmas celebration this year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

With Christmas Joy,

Pablo Malavenda
Director, LUM Jubilee Christmas
jubilee@lumserve.org | (765) 423-2691