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Board Meeting – Wednesday, February 17, 2021 Zoom

  • ZOOM RECORDING – To view a recording of this board meeting, click HERE.
  1. Call to Order
  2. Faith & Social Concerns – Deb Parent
    1. Sign Up HERE
  3. Meet a Client – Josh Prokopy
  4. Roll Call & check-In
    1. Write name & church affiliation in “chat”
    2. Zoom Rooms – favorite winter activity
  5. Proof of Due Notice of Meeting
  6. Review & Approval of Minutes
  7. Call for Additional Agenda Items
  8. Executive Council
    1. Action Items
      1. Approve the LUM Document Retention Schedule -Action
    2. FYI
      1. Diversity and Inclusion on Executive Council – FYI
      2. Board meeting – which night of the week? – Survey Below – FYI
      3. Staff Salaries research – FYI
      4. Protein Food Pantry – updates – FYI
      5. Tax letters not including donations given to LUM through other organizations
        starting 2022 – FYI
      6. Major growth in larger donations. Letters for people who gave more than $250. 2018: 450, 2019: 550, 2020: 675. – FYI
      7. Immigration Clinic Director hire – update – FYI
  9. Old Business
  10. New Agenda Items
  11. Executive Director & Staff Reports
    1. Monthly Stats
    2. Board Reports from LUM Staff
    3. Thank You Letter to Board from LUM Staff
    4. Document Retention Schedule
  12. Prayer Concerns & Closing Prayer
  13. Adjourn
    1. Chipotle Dine & Donate, Tuesday, February 23
    2. LUM Service Day, Saturday, February 27
    3. LUM Brand/Logo Reveal: Friday evening, April 16 (details TBD)
    4. Next LUM Board Meeting: Wed, March 17 (7pm via Zoom)


One afternoon, a young adult arrived at the LUM Office front door, and asked, “Is this where I get a bed?” I introduced myself and explained to him that intake for the Emergency Shelter had ended for the day, but he could get on the list for the next night. In the meantime, I let him know that he was welcome at the Winter Warming Station that night at 9 p.m. (open three hours early that day due to dangerous wind-chill temperatures) and that he should go to the day shelter at LTHC now. He then shared that he always prefers to sleep outside — but since it has been so cold — he wanted shelter for the next few days, but doesn’t want to go to LTHC because he doesn’t want his data in the federal system. He was so appreciative that he insisted on shaking my hand, assuring me that he had just washed them. I shook his hand and was shocked at how cold it was. I offered him gloves and his eyes lit up. Before he left, I gave him gloves, a scarf, two pairs of socks, a knit hat, toe warmer, hand warmers, prayer cards, a sandwich and a bottle of water. I also made him promise me that he would use the Winter Warming Station that night. This individual was brought to LUM for us to give him just a little bit to get him through the week. And I was humbled to offer whatever I could.

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Board Meeting Day Survey

The LUM executive council is exploring the option of changing the night of the monthly Board meeting. It will remain on the third week of the month at 7 p.m. BUT the day may change based on YOUR feedback. Please complete and submit the survey below. Thanks.